Skyshow 2017 is sure to be a blast


It’s just about time for Skyshow, the annual Independence Day fireworks display at BB&T Ballpark in uptown Charlotte.

Tomorrow’s spectacle takes place after the USA vs Cuba baseball game.

The 20 minute show takes weeks to plan and setup. One of the very important tasks to complete is selecting the music. Once the music soundtrack is produced, the fireworks display is very carefully synced with the music making a spectacular show. It takes a crew of four people 3 days to setup.

This years show consists of 120 racks that contain 30 shells per rack, and that doesn’t include the grand finale. One shell has the power and strength of a hand grenade.

The operating system consists of computer software, radio frequencies, & a remote control. The remote control sends signals to the base by radio frequencies, which in turn discharges the shell into the sky.

No one is allowed near the display site once the show is ready to start. Dozens of police officers are hired to secure the perimeter.

Tickets for Skyshow 2017 are available at


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