Alaska State Troopers have a cold and lonely job


As if being a police officer this day and time wasn’t difficult enough, imagine answering most calls for service by yourself with no backup.  That’s what Alaska State Troopers have to do in most situations.  Alaska State Troopers are the primary law enforcement agency in the state of Alaska.  Alaska does not have county Sheriff’s because Alaska is the only state in the U.S. that doesn’t have counties.  The state of Alaska is divided into 16 boroughs.  In most of the boroughs are cities or municipalities, such as Anchorage, for example.   The cities or municipalities have police departments that are responsible for their city limits. They range in size from a department with only two to three officers, to a department, like Anchorage, that has close to 400 officers.  The remainder of the state, or the unincorporated area, is under jurisdiction of Alaska State Troopers, who also serve as state wildlife officers.  Unlike most other states, the Alaska State Troopers are not only responsible for traffic related duties, they also handle all criminal related calls as well.  A lot of times a Troopers closest backup unit can be 15-20 minutes away, and as much as hours or a day away.  In certain rural areas of the state if a particular Trooper needed backup, another Trooper would have to respond by boat or plane to assist that unit.  Also, extreme weather conditions make the job even more difficult. Being self sufficient is of upmost importance in being an Alaska State Trooper.  Could you handle the duties of being a Trooper in Alaska?

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