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Grass clippings can be deadly for motorcyclists

CHARLOTTE, NC –  Have you ever been driving down the road in the summer and see someone mowing their yard near the road and blowing the grass clippings in the street?

Well those grass clippings prove to be very dangerous or even deadly for motorcyclists. Motorcycle groups in the area are warning people about the consequences that come from that. Many bikers have died and many more seriously injured across the U.S. due to running over the grass clippings. They say it is the equivalent of a car hitting black ice.You lose control of the bike and lose traction, and that could send you off the road into a tree or ditch.

It is against the law in N.C. to place litter and debris in the roadway. Does that include grass clippings? I think any reasonable person would say that mowed grass would be considered debris. Plus, it can cause drainage/sewage problems, as well.

Many biker groups are pushing legislators in the state to propose a specific law to make it illegal to blow mowed grass in the street. So the next time you’re mowing your grass near the road, do your fellow bikers a huge favor and don’t blow the ‘debris’ in the road.


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