Event Security

If you’re organizing or managing an upcoming event, Chuck Roads Traffic has tools to promote event management & security. After all, event security should be at the top of your list of concerns, as well as proper management.  The tools below help promote a safe & successful event.

Dynamic Media Mobile LED Digital Display Billboard

Our Dynamic Media Mobile LED Billboard is perfect & convenient for communicating with guests, attendees, crowds, & traffic at your upcoming event. With a highly visible, brightly lit, digital display, it’s a an easy and affordable way to communicate. Display important information, promote a sponsor, or both. Either way, it’s a great tool for communicating.  It’s quick & easy to set up, and quick to take down & pack away!

  • 5 x 8 foot LED digital display (one side) 
  • easily programmable (by laptop pc)
  • powered by gasoline generator (fuel included with rental)
  • easily mobile, attached to trailer.
  • weather resistant 
  • setup & take down service included in rental
  • daily, weekly, & monthly rentals
  • for rates & booking information email info@roadstraffic.com

Commander 3400 mobile surveillance trailer

The Commander 3400 is a full size mobile solar powered surveillance trailer that powers your security network and communications technologies. It’s perfect for fast or temporary deployment, but rugged enough for long-term use as well. This unit is ideal for law enforcement, crowd control and surveillance, military, DOT/Transportation, education facilities/campuses, construction sites, retail, and more.

  • Tool-less setup & simple operation (setup fee included with rental)
  • System is easily reconfigurable with future & change in mind
  • Extreme platform stability 
  • Electric brake system for safety while towing
  • Fold & go solar panel modules
  • High Power capabilities – 1200 amp hours of battery storage
  • 2 fully automatic gasoline generators 
  • Daily, weekly, & monthly rates available
  • For rates & booking info email info@roadstraffic.com

Falcon 3100 Compact Mobile Surveillance Trailer

The Falcon 3100 Mobile Surveillance Trailer is basically a compact version of the Commander 3400, making it more suitable for smaller jobs. The trailer powers your security network & communications technologies, but in a smaller size. It’s perfect for rapid & temporary deployment. Even with a reduced footprint, the system is still rugged for long-term, daily use. It’s ideal for law enforcement, crowd control & event surveillance, military, transportation/DOT, schools & universities, construction, and more.

  • Fast tool-less setup 
  • Extreme stability to withstand the elements
  • Can operate for weeks between refueling
  • Self-charging solar power
  • Embedded gas generator in conjunction with other battery charging systems 
  • Remote status monitoring
  • Daily, weekly, & monthly rates avaialble 
  • For rates & booking info email info@roadstraffic.com